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Hi Salavan,

If your energy efficiency certificate shows a really inefficient property then you will still, lawfully, be able to rent it out.

HOWEVER, whether anyone would want to rent in a house without a roof (ie: massively inefficient) in the middle of winter is another matter.

Given that energy efficiency is also measured when you sell a property - I would have thought it would be in the landlords interest to want

to make their properties as efficient as possible (to improve the capital value).


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Dear Sirs

If i get an energy performance certificate for my let property and it does not meet the approved standards does this mean that i will not lawfully be allowed to rent out my property until it meets the required standards?

There is no actual standard to meet. You are having an assessment of your property for energy efficiency by way of what is in the property to enhance energy saving. There are no recommendations but you might be offered some form of advice if you were to ask the question from an assessor.

An energy performance certificate does not necessarily increase the capital value of any property but merely indicates that a certain amount of energy saving projects/improvements may or may not have been carried out such as cavity wall insulation which of course in many UK houses is not possible due to the lack of any cavity wall when the property was built.

To keep this in perspective the average cost for a 3 bed semi to have loft and wall insulation is approximately £300 with the grants available now or free if your over 70 or you or the Tenant are on certain DSS Benefits.


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