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EPC - Energy Performance Certificates


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I've just had a letter from my management company saying that as of 1st October I need an EPC for my property.

I've just done some googling.. it appears that they are valid for 10 years. The bit I'm not clear on is when it needs to be done, I've seen some statements which imply it's only required for NEW tennancys created on or after 1st October - thus by implication not required for existing tennancys. Or is it that everyone needs an EPC as of 1st October?

Does anyone know for sure?

btw - my management co are quoting 85+vat - sound reasonable? (2 bed down house, DH1 post code, value of about 115k currently)


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In my opinion the energy performance certificate is yet another load of bureaucratic nonsense / almost, but not quite as pointless as a hip, the epc is yet another back-handed tax for landlord's to pay out.

I personally will not be getting one anytime soon, as I don't use a letting agent, but the house I let out has good double glazing, lagging in the loft etc, so i don't see the point in wasting money and time in getting this stupid bit of paper.

The letter of the law regarding this new load of tosh goes... - You will need to provide an EPC which will be valid for ten years, to prospective tenants, the first time you let or re-let your property AFTER 1 October 2008.

ie When your current contract (tenancy agreement) expires and it's after 1st October 2008.

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I'll never say never about getting an EPC but I'm not too worried about trading standards. My current tenants are 7 months into a standard 6 month tenancy agreement, which is now rolling on, so I don't need to think about a epc right now.

If someone comes knocking on my door insisting I get an epc, then I might get one, but otherwise i'm not getting one.

Typical letting agents don't let tenancies roll on past 6 months because they can charge landlords and / or tenants renewal fees.

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Yes ,new Tenancies only....after October 1st

I would agree it is an absolute load of old tax raising tosh this EPC...yet another ruling from the EEC which are dumb government has to follow like a bunch of sheep!

So you have a modern clean 20 year old house.....it has no double glazing......minimum 3" loft insualtion......central heating system 15 years old but is serviced and safe to use and you now have a new EPC which shows that you are pretty near the bottom of the scale for energy efficiency.......so the Tenant will not take your property eh!

Now, I know someone who had to have another £450 dreaded tax raising certificate yes "THE HIP's" !!

32 people viewed his property and not one single person asked to see the certificate of energy performance! Just about sums it up doesn't it. But there's more! He has been told now that because his property has been on the market for 7months his HIP's pack is now out of date and has to be re-done at further expense of around £375 to bring it up to date!! He has taken his property off the market and given up.

It is not just the credit and mortgage crunch that is stifling house sales I can tell you.

If it is so essential to have an EPC /HIPS when you sell a house how come you can sell privately and you don't need one? I did exactly that 5 months ago.


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If you market a property (after October 1st) for letting without an EPC then you are breaking the law and will be fined £250 and can be reported to trading standards. Like all new pieces of legislation - landlords should follow them - it might be bureaucratic nonsense .... but it is the law !

You don't need an EPC for existing tenancies ... but you will need to show prospective tenants your EPC when you show new tenants around.

As time progresses - tenants are going to demand to see the EPC when they view your rental property and will think you "well dodgy" if you don't have one.

An EPC lasts ten years and costs around £75+VAT,


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£40 with no VAT for me as well for two (almost) side by side properties. Takes about 30mins to state the blindingly obvious but there is no enforcement to have anything rectified or carried out is there?

Why would anyone think I was a dodgy Landlord if I didn't produce an EPC for them is beyond my comprehension. Hardly a safety issue is it if your loft insulation is only 3" thick rather than 6".

Trading Standards have enough trouble trying to prosecute the really dodgy Landlords with badly installed gas boilers and even then, did you know there is no statuary requirement to have a gas boiler actually serviced every year...it is a safety check only in essence for carbon monoxide spillage and visually correct in it's installation.....whilst I would admit that most sensible Landlords will have a full service and by that I mean removing the boiler casing and a having clean out.

Shop around is my advice as well for EPC certification.


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He doesnt want to conform!!!!!...........

But there again, one normally finds that the older type of landlord doesnt, he doesn't normally have great standards of accomodation either, pennypinching, tired old condition. Just wants to keep raking the money in.................

Now the younger element of landlord are much better.............and the standards are higher...........................OH JOY........

For the record......................NOT ALL AGENTS CHARGE A RENEWAL FEE..................i haven't in 13 years............also for the record he who does not have one when they relet will be fined 200 quid.................after all they do last for 10 years..............

The average EPC guy has invested 2K to get the qualification...............

And as an agent i welcome the tenancy deposit scheme also................................it sure as hell will stop the RIP of Landlords of OLD who ripped of the tenant.................................SO LETS HAVE A BIT OF CONFORMITY .........................and increase the standards and stop the bitching from both parties....................

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Some interesting points are made here. I'm not sure its a young/old thing - I've never met anyone who contributes to this site - but there are some contributors who are a little bit over critical of the regulation of rented accommodation for my liking. I dont happen to like EPCs, I think they are misconceived and wont achieve the objective intended, but I do agree if the tenant is entitled to one, we should provide it. If we dont comply with the rules, how can we expect our tenants to do so? For all the references to "scumbag tenants who dont do ....... whatever" I could imagine some tenants talking about "scumbag landlords who dont so ...... whatever" in return. Sometimes we need to look at our business from the other point of view.

I've said on another thread that I think most tenants are decent, honest people. I used to be one. Maybe I will be one again. Certainly my children are likely to be, in the not too distant future in fact. Two of my sisters are. My niece is. And I spent a good part of my childhood in rented housing. Theres really not much difference between owners and renters; sometimes just a few years and a bit of good luck. For those of my family who rent now or will do in the future, I certainly will rest easier knowing that they have at least some protection.

And one final point. does anyone really think that so many banks would have invested in buy to let properties had there not been at least some obligation on landlords to manage and maintain their properties properly?

Its good to hear a little balance from time to time.


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EPC .......pain in the arse .............legal requirement.........spend your £40 move on .........get over it ..........


rules change and a min "score" required in order to let prop ....................which mark my words ...is coming right behind the epc !!!!!!!!!!!!!


up spec prop , help to fight global warming and be more efficient ...............

and be content you are providing good accom which will remain desireable and hope fully FULLY OCCUPIED at all times .........

Collect your rent , look after your T (your income) enjoy your life, then when you die , die happy that you have left your kids an investment that will help them live have a better std of living .............

Rest in peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL


have yourself a stress attack get purple in face and give yourself a coronary .....and leave your kids the prop years too early ............in what will (IMHO) an un lettable prop .......................

Common guys its £40 bloody quid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any improvements you need to make have grants available to help you , (government will assist in improving prop!) tax breaks on such as well and if T is dss then it will come for free

Get over yourselves !

The Rodent

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But surely the point of legislation is to ensure that conformity is common to everyone involved?

ie. Gas and electrical safety checks and furnishings, smoke alarms etc. are all very sensiible laws and only an idiot would argue against not having them done for safety sakes but EPC's do not regulate anything in law.

Having had an EPC carried out there was no obligation for me to fit double glazing or increase the loft insulation or change over to a condensing boiler. Everything is optional, no obligation whatsoever to upgrade.

All I have piece of paper which tells me and any prospective Tenant that I have had a check carried out.

I think my Tenants are more impressed with the modern kitchen I have fitted and the decor and the cleanliness of the carpets and a lovely modern bathroom suite then any piece of EPC paper.

So, I reckon there should be a new laws brought in.....Tenants must have a bathroom suite which is no more than 5 years old with a minimum of a working shower fitted over the bath. The kitchen must be modern and no more than 10 years old. Crazy idea? Not in the least, Swindon Borough Council insist on these items being exactly that before taking on a DSS let.

I'll have a £10 bet with anyone that the next new law to be brought in will be "That smoke alarms must be hard wired and not battery powered" Followed by hard wired carbon monoxide detectors for gas properties.

Anyone reading the past threads on this forum will read some very disturbing stories about their Tenants some of whom have taken the Landord for thousands of pounds and have also damaged the property in nothing more than wanton vandalism because the landord has done nothing more than to ask for what is rightfully theirs by written contract....the rent payable These are the Scumbags who leach on society and take good solid Landlords for grade A mugs. Until you have actually been involved with these people.... then they will always remain Scumbags to me.


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Agree completely Mel

and i am equally sure that the above "new" rules will come fairly soon..........does anyone still use battery smokes ? i have been fitting mains only for several yrs now(with a 10 yr bat back up)

as sure as eggs is eggs some time in the not too distant future ...a prop below a set level on epc will be deemed substandard and unlettable until brought up to spec..................I'll have as much a like on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst case is going to be new CH system, loft insulation, double glazing and a bag of low LE light bulbs .....you can get a grant for some of it and the rest should come in at 5-10K ..prop then very marketable long term and much lower maintenance .......bite the bullet and see the long term view .....

Cant afford it ? ....get a 0% credit card and stick it on there for now

Re: lecky smokes ....all HMO, council lets and hsing assoc require lecky smokes and usually at least 2 per prop .............interlinked in bigger props ......

also now have to provide an asbestos report for council in cardiff !!!!!!! another £200 then arggggggggghhhhhh!!!

Plus lecky certs ........pir

Embrace it guys .........if something goes wrong you will be well and truly covered ......as long as you adhere to regs !!!!!!!

The Rodent

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