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Serving Notice Using Prescribed Form 6A

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The 6a is the new s21 form and refers to Housing Act 1988 section 21(1) and (4) (as amended) on the form.

It is still straightforward to fill out. However, filling out the next stage with the court form N5 which is a lot lot longer now there are many questions that can catch you out and give a judge a reason to strike out. 

Cor if you are planning to serve a s21 I would advise to first send the tenant a letter a day or so before hand saying please find enclosed replacement/up to documents relating to you tenancy:

  1. EPC
  2. EICR
  3. Latest "How to rent guide"
  4. Gas Cert
  5. Deposit cert
  6. Deposit prescribed info

There can be no dispute that the tenant has never had any of them. (belt and braces)


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Thanks Grampa, yes it might be relevant to me eventually. Although I've only 3 properties left in England now. I'm looking to escape from the 5 Welsh property responsibilities, but holding off for the leasehold reform bill to make them more attractive to buyers. That isn't looking v promising nowadays though, as it's likely to be stuck in the pipeline indefinitely. I guess that's too complicated for the senedd to get their heads round in the meantime, instead they'll wait for Westminster to act and show how superior they can be, again.

This one is a notice served on my Daughter. LL wishes to increase rents dramatically, and she has contested his rise. He can achieve more, likely not as much as demanded (he attempts to be authoritarian), so she will be leaving. Personally I feel he will regret losing a good tenant, but hey ho. Meanwhile his communications for viewing and works access (up to 2 per day) become harassment. While he feels he might bully my little girlie, I'm not such a push over, and willing to respond at whatever level.


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