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Kier Starmers Speech


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We will improve every industry in the country........biggest laugh I've had all week. He forgot to say that it didn't include the private rental sector, it didn't include landlords.

I can't wait until they knock on my front door canvassing for votes.

I actually don't know anybody who is going to vote Labour, none of my family, friends, neighbours in fact even friends of friends aren't going to vote for them. Where are they going to get votes from ? Not my part of Essex, that's for sure !

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I didn't even bother to watch his speech so I couldn't possibly comment.........but I will.  😃  People of a certain age who have been through more labour governments over many years like I have will know that like all politicians they will lie through their back teeth to get the keys to No.10. Starmer is no exception to this rule. It's all soundbites to let you, the voter, hear what you want to believe is going to happen in their Government......it won't.... so be very disappointed.

Now I'm no Communist, far from it but Joseph Stalin ( Russian leader and mass murderer ) had it banged to rights with his famous quotation which I have never forgotten.

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”


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