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Wales and the Occupation Contract

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Some might find this interesting, especially as this might be seen as the forerunner of the English tenancy contract.

Today was the last day for me to provide the new written contract to the Welsh tenants. I looked here and there for guidance, samples and such.

The Welsh Gov't provide a model, with much explanation. There are key matters, set in stone. There are fundamental terms, again pretty much set in stone. Supplementary terms can be amended, with agreement of the contract holder (tenant to you and me), but only if there is no disadvantage or a greater advantage to the tenant. Omitted terms must appear but be struck through. Amended terms must be in capital letters. We can add additional terms, provided they don't conflict with other terms.

So after consideration I used the model, with a score through, and additional terms to cover animals and vehicles (not included in the model). This is a mere 42 pages for each tenancy (I think I can still call it a tenancy, but maybe it's an occupation, Welsh style).

Today I met 4 of the 5 occupants, The Welsh Accommodated Tenant/S, the acronym is suitable. There is provision for them to sign their agreement, but not required. With 42 pages it does take some digesting, and for me to wait for what comes out the other side isn't feasible. 3 did sign, 1 i took a smiley photo of him holding it.

Anyway today is also the last opportunity to use the S21 repossession notice. I took 3 and used 2. 1 wasn't home so I posted it. T'other convinced me he is going to try harder, and beside I could serve using the new Welsh style for rent arrears later. The 3rd, well I've recently had some complaints, he is a poisonous individual, who spends more time understanding how to threaten someone (me) with Welsh legislation than getting off his lazy ass and being productive. Last year he wanted a comfort / support dog, he became angry when I rejected him, that restriction being in the old AST didn't matter as he had a reason. Today he asked if I had received his Whatsapp message, me driving had not seen it. Anyway he sees Welsh legislation causes me to create good reason for him to be refused a doggy now. He was going to send it recorded so I can't say I didn't see it, but me not signing sorts that little trick anyway.

After that he fails to understand why the S21 is now desirable to me. If he 'aint there neither is any dog.

With 3 houses sold I look forward to the day when I can ditch those 5 flats.

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It does look fairly bleak for Welsh landlords and the prospect for English landlords is not looking too good either when you hear and read of the future planning by this Conservative Government and probably worse if the Labour Party win the next general election which is currently looking very likely.

The Conservative Government housing minister Michael Gove seems to want to ignore all the advice he is receiving from landlord associations and just push through his agenda of tenant tenancy protection and even more landlord tenancy restrictions in favour of tenants.

If Gove provides a solid new housing law for the rapid eviction of the non-paying, anti-social tenant then I may have a change of mind but at this moment I don't see this happening.

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I can see one advantage to the Welsh 'Occupation Contract'.

For years the Housing Act has been tinkered and amended. Now the confusion is more than ever due to nearly daily changes and possible new legislation.

I view, hopefully not incorrectly, that the 42 pages of Welsh contract and guidance is as good as being the legislation that controls us, and in some parts them. So if the WRA have this thing sorted it should eliminate lots of confusion as (in Wales initially) the old should now be irrelevant, and with it the litigation that so often costs us a bl**dy fortune, in legal fees if nowt else.

One issue there is the content and how, as expected, it favours the occupant massively.

The other is that of course they 'aint finished messing with this. There will be scenarios that demonstrate failings in the new contract set up, thus meaning the tinkering starts all over again.

But back to doggies. I now read Wales and England look to share the same 'Landlords cannot blanket ban pets'. We must now create a case for rejection within 28 days of a written request.

This morning Mr Postman said "I have this for you to sign for". It was an A4 envelope, I don't get those often if at all. Stupid tenant warned me of it, so I rejected it. That gives some extra time for me to consider my response to what I assume to be the written request. 

There is a perverse satisfaction in he getting a small taste of what we often experience, a pointless runaround.


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