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New Fire Regulations from 23rd Jan 2023


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Regulations for England

Where a dwelling is part of a building containing two or more dwellings and a communal hallway for escape from fire, its a legal requirement to provide fire escape and fire door instructions to tenants and must be done at the beginning of the tenancy and  EVERY YEAR.

This also includes if a landlord owns a converted a property into two or more separate dwellings and if the landlord self manages (without a block management agent) they would be legally be the reponsible person. 

The fire door instructions include the following:

  1. Keep fire doors shut
  2. Not to tamper with self-closing devices
  3. Report faults or damage to the landlord

The escape from fire instructions include:

  1. Operate the nearest fire alarm point
  2. Call the fire brigade
  3. Leave the building
  4. Do not stop to collect belongings

If the dwelling you are renting out is in a building with two or more dwellings and a shared communal area, this document is legally required to be given to all residents:

  1. At the time of granting a new tenancy (new tenancies)
  2. Within 12 months starting from 23 January 2023 (existing occupiers)
  3. After that, every 12 months



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1 hour ago, Richlist said:

Many thanks.....I didnt know that.

Would it be acceptable to frame the document that provides all the details and hang it on the inside of the entrance/ exit door ?

Its early days of the law at the moment and it needs a larger legal brain than mine to clarify the suggestion above. My current understanding is it needs to be given to the tenant and then every 12 months. We have added it to the AST so there is no argue about having received it. 

What the penalties are, and any potential implications on invalidating  the serving of notices (s21 s8) i am unsure at the moment (if any). However, it wouldn't surprise me if it does become an requirement to prove you have given the document to be able to evict. 


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