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Hi and thanks for reading. 
I would like a bit of advice on where I Stand please, im
a first time LL and I’m aware I’ve probably messed up. 
my tenant has been living in my house for 3 years now with her 2 children. I decided to sell the house in mid 2022, tenant was looking for new property, given section 21. I need to add I only had the boiler serviced early 2019. 
2020 and 2021 no boiler service. I had a boiler service done august 2022 ready for the estate agents. Which came back failed due to the flue not being sealed. The tenant has reported a gas smell prior to this. I did fix it after a few days. So for 2 years I didn’t get it done. How is this going to stand in court? As she has fallen into rent arrears of £2k but has informed me her solicitor is doing a counterclaim for dis repair because of this. There has also been on going issues in the property’s which I admittedly just didn’t sort out because of the house being on the market. A tile came off the roof above one of her child’s room causing a big damp patch, I did send a friend over to put the tile back on but she claims it gets worse when it rains. There is a leak in the bathroom ceiling coming from the roof causing awful mould and damp and the water patch, the wall is crumbling away now. The same thing has happened the living room window there seems to be leak perhaps from the guttering big wet patch and the wall is just crumbling. She claims some of the windows don’t even shut properly letting cold air in so struggling to heat the house. I have a court date for in 5 weeks time. How is this likely to affect me on court?! Many thanks 


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Well surely you don't need us to tell you it ain't gonna go down very well at all in court.

As the landlord you have an obligation to affect repairs in a timely & businesslike manner. Avoiding carrying out repairs will look very bad. Do you have any valid excuses ?

Surprisingly for me......you seem more concerned about the outcome of a court case than the state of repair of your property.

You might need professional legal advice and help. Try ' Landord Action' , they have a website.

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You will need to show at least 3 years of gas boiler safety certificates to the Court. That is roughly the number of years this property has been rented to this family.

You will need to show a current EPC certificate as well.

Have you protected the tenancy deposit in a Government register of tenancy deposits taken by you the landlord ? or maybe you didn't take any deposit?

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