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Tenants splitting up..


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Hi all, my tenants are splitting up after Xmas. The current lease is in the ladies name and she is moving out.  The  guy wants to carry on renting the property..When they moved in in August 2021 I fixed the rent for three years and this is in the lease..Can I just swap the names round on the lease or will I have to start again with a new lease?  Thanks in advance.. 

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My answer would be "not advisable". The tenancy contract was initially with your lady who is leaving and not the man friend. I presume she will want her deposit back.  Start again with a new signed contract in his name to keep it professional and legal and just make sure you have that contract covered for any future problems that may arise.

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Sound advice.. it's not an ideal situation and not one I would have chosen but I'll just have to see what transpires.. regarding the deposit I'll have to sort that out.. It's with the tenants deposit scheme so I need to look in to that. 


Thanks for showing an interest...

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