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Something to consider when choosing a Letting Agent.


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We all know landlords are being squeezed at the moment with extra costs and interest increases so it’s understandable to want a low-cost option when choosing a Letting Agent. But consider this, you can get a cheap agent or a good agent but rarely can you get them both at the same time. As the industry isn’t regulated sometimes you can make a bad choice and get both a poor agent who is also a more expensive one. But that is down to not putting in the leg work and doing some basic checks and asking relevant questions before signing up.

Too many landlords choose an agent solely on monthly % fee alone. What they don’t realise or choose to ignore is all the  very well-hidden extra charges which makes a nonsense of their fantastic advertised rate.

To give you an example we had a client who wanted us to match another agent that was 20% less on the monthly fee.

So, after a quick call to that agent (as a potential landlord) just to clarify the fees I knew that would be included I got my calculator out.

Well would you believe it the agent with the fantastic rate was more expensive on a tenancy over a 3 year period and the landlord would have achieved a greater income with us.

And if extra visits were required, s21 needed serving, or extra maintenance needed (as a % is charged on top). The drop in income would be a lot more for the landlord with the other agent.

So do your number crunching and ask the right questions and dont forget to check reviews on facebook, google yell.


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1 hour ago, Melboy said:

If there wasn't 80 miles between us Grampa you would be my agent.   😀

Nice of you to say so Melboy.😀

We just find it so frustrating fighting to compete with these agents with hidden charges. We are even considering offering a similar deal along side our normal rate even though the admin to manage these extra charges and not forget to bill them as they arise would be a pain. 

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