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Government Energy Cash-Backs For Tenants.


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Hitting the news headlines this past 2 days is the announcement regarding the £400 Government cash hand-back to tenants where the rent being paid includes energy ( electric and gas). Tenant organisations are saying that tenants should receive this money and not the landlord.  Now I could be missing the point here so help me out.

        If you are not paying for the gas and electric on your own independent energy account in the property you are renting how can you qualify for the rebate when the landlord is effectively paying for the energy used?

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I think the winge is that some tenants are effectively paying the energy cost as part of the rent.

The obvious contradiction is that the increase of energy costs can only be passed on to those tenants come rent increase time, so in many cases the landlord will be absorbing the increase, I imagine.

I don't get involved with the energy accounts anyway, and as legislation dictates just suffer the inconvenience when a tenant has migrated to a perceived cheaper deal of a company that is a pain to deal with.

This is just Shelter gobbing off again methinks. They are a major cause of the cr*p that comes our way and last month were complaining legislation effects are causing the exodus of landlords and so increasing rents. The fum ducks should be careful what they wish for.

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