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Trust's and combined BTL mortgages


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Has anyone had any experience with purchasing and putting a  BTL in a BTL trust mortgage. Also is there an option to combine BTL mortgages into one single mortgage and has anyone done it. I'm sure I read about it sometime time ago and if possible there is bound to be a mechanism within the product to sell and properties and change the amount.

The way rates are going up and tax relief changes etc etc etc it gets the grey matter thinking about possible other ways to finance BTL. 

Like anything there are bound to pro's and con's in any option you choose.

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I've placed properties already mortgaged into a trust. The mortgages were normal interest only loans which have subsequently been paid off, some of the properties have now been sold. The purpose was to separate the asset value from my estate for IHT purposes. The trust deed allows me to sell the existing properties and to purchase or not additional properties as I choose. Wether this is the sort of thing you are looking for, I don't know. I used a well known & respected finance company.....St James's Place Wealth Management. It might be worth you contacting them as they may also deal with the block type multi property, single mortgage that you are looking for. Be aware that the whole subject of trusts is very complex.

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