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Electric Garage Door


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The stop tap in a back yard needed replacing, the tenant contacted the local water authority and had it replaced, the repairs were done and a barrier was placed around the hole. The tenant closed the garage door not knowing the barriers were in the way and the door is now stuck. Who is responsible for the repairs?

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Not enough information for us to know if the tenant didn't use his eyes and could have. Or if the barriers were so discreet so the 'accident' was not really the tenants fault, although that seems unlikely.

Another consideration is if this would come under property insurance, but the excess may well make a claim uneconomical.

But electric garage doors have overload protection when closing. When closing onto an immovable object they should reverse and open again. So really this seems to be a mechanical / electrical fault. At least it didn't cause injury for which you might have been held accountable.

If there is no damage to the door an electrician may well frig the system to open again.

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Sounds like the overload has either blown a fuse or tripped the circuit and it might be a very simple fix that will take minutes to fix at virtually no cost. Do you have someone local who can take a look for you ?

You asked who is responsible for the repair when I suspect what you mean is who is responsible for the cost of the repair......thats 2 different things.

You the landlord would be responsible for the repair......as the landlord must make the property secure and it's not with a door that's jammed open.

The tenant would be responsible for reimbursing you the cost to fix it......because they caused the problem.

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