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Locate an ex tenant - get 20% off

Find UK People

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Tracing ex-tenants in the U.K. in just 24 hours

Find UK People® are a U.K. leading tenant tracing company who have significantly invested in its ex-tenant tracing service. We find 98% of absconded ex-tenants that we are instructed on in the UK within 24 hours of the ex-tenant trace instruction.

  • 98% success rate
  • No trace no fee
  • Result available in 24 hours
  • From £45 ex VAT

Plus members of this forum get 20% off with discount code BUY20 just insert at checkout for immediate discount of 20%

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I agree but I wonder how flexible the service could be.

I know there are private investigators, they're a bit thin on the ground but they are available.

* e.g. Would they offer a no find, no fee service ?

On another forum there is a post about a guy who wants to buy a piece of land.....unused for at least the past 35 years but he can't find who owns it. He's got the land registry docs and has been in contact with the address of the registered owner but he's not there. The current resident doesn't know him, didn't buy the property from him so can't help. There have been various suggestions of how to locate him but none are particularly easy or quick. Would this service cover this particular problem ?

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