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Hs2 rail extension to Leeds - scrapped


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That'll seriously affect property prices along the route.

It was interesting to see the public who were interviewed talking down the value of their properties by criticising the Gov'....which was totally unnecessary and will only go to fuel a media frenzy against the Tory party.

It's even worse for property in the Bradford area. Bradford will now have to suffer a 2nd class rail service and property prices there will suffer accordingly.

Still, it could be a lot worse......Diane Abbott could be in the cabinet.

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Nowt wrong with Dabbott in a cabinet. Doors closed and locked.

How they justify a HS2 leg to half an hour away from Nottingham beats me. But they haven't built that either yet.

There is an ongoing action to deter cars from the roads, for more obvious reasons than saving the planet or for cleaner city air. But how much will a HS2 ticket cost as an incentive?

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Before the pandemic I took a number of rail journeys......e.g. London to Blackpool, Manchester & Liverpool etc. I travelled first class and the experience was absolutely outstanding. The extra cost of first class was not eye watering and the additional benefits:

* First class, reserved seats.

* Food & waiter service.

* 1st class lounge at the stations.

All definitely enhanced the travel experience. I arrived relaxed, fed, watered and ready for a busy day. Compared to the time, effort and cost of driving I'd take the train every time.

I'd certainly recommend you spend a little more and travel first class.



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A couple of years ago I travelled to London on Virgin.

A reserved seat in a quite carriage. It got me there faster than driving, and as you say still with energy.

All for £45, so difficult to fault.

There is the journey to the departure station (Macclesfield),and parking,  and the onward arrangements from Euston, to consider. But I can appreciate how overall it can win.

Since the pandemic prices have gone silly, on pretty well everything not just rail travel. Step daughter can fly to Moscow from London easier and cheaper than taking the train up here. Even with fuel costs the drive is significantly cheaper.

If I were to use HS2 (some time in the 2030's) I have a 1 hour train journey to M/cr to add, and its cost.

I'm not against the progress it 'may' bring, but as usual I'm v cynical about the spin on it.


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