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I see a lot of positives from this move by Lloyds Bank.

* Increased demand to buy will help keep sale prices high.

* Large organisations won't be able to offer the same level of service provided by smaller private landlords.

* Large property organisations have much more leverage to rein in adverse legislative changes to the property market.

Etc etc.

Are there any downsides ????

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A similar suggestion was made by insurance companies some years ago. If I remember it was to be an investment for our pension pots, and would receive advantage from the Chancellor. I've not read anything since.

I would expect these larger invertors to only show interest in the upper end of the market, but perhaps not so much in London with the increased work from home trend and masses leaving the City. Since this trend will be emulated a fair bit in other Cities I'm surprised Lloyds would chance this now. But at 5k properties p.a. it 'aint a big gamble for them.

Of course others seeing advantage and doing similar means more invertors / investments. So as  said it pushes on prices. I can't seeing this effecting me any though.

But I agree that the Gov't is effectively training its sights on us. Until there is a mass exodus from the BTL and they might come under pressure to find accommodation that'll continue. But generally properties will be lived in by some one, so our leaving the industry doesn't reduce housing stock , it will only dampen property inflation.

Attack and penalise the property LL - more votes,  a win.

Create lesser expensive properties and encourage private ownership - more votes, a win.

Cause remaining LL's to improve their stock - better social situations (discreetly), a win.

Make repossession near impossible - more votes, less homeless, less anti social outcomes, a win.

Less LL profit, more LL stress, some LL's becoming dependant on the state (but feasibly far less than those we might have hoofed) - well beside us who gives one?

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