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I usually steer people away from this type of arrangement. The owner has no control over who moves into their property & there have been lots of media reports that have been less than complimentary towards this type of arrangement.

Good luck.

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I was one of those landlords who rented a flat to the council with no control over who went into it about 10 years ago.  I had a lot of trouble with the tenant and the final straw was the front door being badly damaged by a visitor who had a score to settle with the tenant by kicking the door in.

The Council would only pay 70% of the damage costs to the door as I wanted to replace it with a new security multi locking UPVc door instead of a wooden door. The Council classed this as "betterment value" to the property........­čśâ┬ábut I pointed out to the Council that my door was very serviceable with a long life ahead of it┬ábefore being damaged.

No good arguing as it didn't get me anywhere.  So with that problem and one or two complaints of anti social behaviour from neighbours I got this tenant out fairly quickly. I wouldn't recommend renting a property under the Council rules and I know I would never do it again. Maybe there are landlords out there who have nothing but praise for Council letting and I wish them all the best.

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