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Evicting someone who is occupying a property I own


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A family member of mine, owns a property in his name and pays for the mortgage. It is occupied by someone who he had a previous relationship with (not married) but she still occupies the property and does not pay any rent. We want possession of the property back. But I think the occupier will try and be difficult.

What is the best way to evict this person because I know that they are not a tenant so is it a more straight forward process? They have never paid rent. Can I just instruct a bailiff if they don't respond to a written letter?


Any help is greatly appreciated!




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I'm no expert on this matter but what I do know from experience if this person has contributed in anyway to the upkeep of this property for any reasonable length of time even if no rent or mortgage was contributed to than your friend will need a court order to evict them and you can double that eviction Court case time if children are involved.

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