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What should I do ?


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I rent out 3 rooms in my home. We all lead seperate lives and don't socialize. I get along with all 3 of them. They don't get along with each other at times. When one of them has a problem with someone, that person comes to me and says "I don't want to start any trouble but......" and wants me to fix their problem. 


Is it my responsibility to correct their problem or should they go to the person they are complaining about and solve it on their own ?




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Just write a polite general letter/email or put a notice up addressed to all residents explaining that to avoid issues between residents arising within the household  can all residents please clean the bathroom after use which involves xxxxxxxxx and please be mindful of making noise that can be audible to other residents between the hours of xxx pm - xxxam. Maybe also put up a list of house rules.

Also state you do not wish to get involved with any minor issues that arise between residents so they should address any problems themselves.   

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We are a UK based Landlords forum but your question probably applies to any any landlord/tenant anywhere in the World.  😅

When I lived in shared accommodation many years ago in the last century the bathroom was shared by 4 people and the landlord had a fairly large notice in the bathroom and it read:

       "Please leave this bath & sink & WC as you would wish to find it"      In other words clean. There was always cleaning materials close by to do this and as far as I remember we did as we were told.....or else!

The noise issue should be addressed by you as there can be nothing more annoying than listening to somebody else's noise when you want to be quiet. It's how you approach it is the key here to an easy life so just have a quiet word with all three about noise levels so as not to be seen that you are picking on one person in particular.

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The trouble with noise is some people are more sensitive to it than others and some people are not suited to living in shared accommodation or flats but still choose to whether by need or circumstance.

We manage a 2 bed  first floor flat with owner occupiers below who manage to complain about every tenant (maybe 4/5 in the last 15 years) we house above. If its not the children running around it will be the amount of guests visiting or moving around in the early hours (bathroom visits). The Hubby has even admitted his wife is sensitive to noise and is browbeaten to do all the complaining. Didn't like it when I told him after a bad day that it was his own fault for choosing to live in a property that wasn't suitable for their living requirements. 


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