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Selling Property


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Why does selling property need to be so bloody painfull ?

* First I had to tolerate a raft of rude viewers some of whom either asked stupid questions or worse, no questions at all.

* Then I had to accommodate a miserable, extremely annoying buyers mortgage valuer with a bad attitude.

* Now things have progressed to me having to deal with a buyers solicitor that seems intent on asking some rather silly questions.

The only saving grace now is that the buyers solicitor thinks he needs answers to these questions so, I'm inclined to provide a cynical response that answers the question in a muted but painfully way.

Still, not long now, soon be March 23rd (known as tax day)......when CGT will probably be raised big-time and provide the final nail in the coffin.

The whole experience makes lockdown look like a load of fun !!!

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Hi RL, Sounds like a lot of hassle your having there, sorry to hear this.

Ref the CGT if they pump it up to 40% i agree that will have a big impact on things. People will rethink on selling and hold onto them just keeping the rental income until they really have to sell. People will find buy to let new ventures less appealing & people Flipping properties after buying and renovating will probably drop off drastically. I think thy will probably make less money by raising this tax (Certainly in the short term).

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Why is it all conveyancing solicitors I deal with write or email to request the EPC when they can download it themselves from the gov website which would take the same time as to email the request to me. GRRR.

Next solicitor to request it will just get the link. 

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