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Combi boiler replacement


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3 hours ago, Phkarentel said:

Hi can anyone give me an approx cost of replacing a combi boiler heating 8 rads towel rail and hot water Hertfordshire area

I’ll take a stab of £2000 give or take 200 quid either way depending of the brand and if the contractor is vat registered or not. 

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Yes, around £2,000 for a quality combi boiler but of course make sure they are Gasafe registered quote you in writing carry out a "Patch" test on your CH system to make sure it does or doesn't require flushing prior to fitting a new boiler and the Magnaclean system filter is included in the price.

            Also make sure that they will be contacting local building control for your certificate to be posted to you.  I got mine 6 days after my boiler fitment last week which is something of a record.

        Lots of  Cowboys out there who only do half a job but want twice the money for doing it.

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I believe it was a Baxi 600 series 24kw. For now they managed to get the system up and running so will not be doing it just yet. I got the quote at same time as repair as i know the system is over 10 years old. Will also have to be considered soon as the monthly Boiler insurance is now at a yearly cost that means replacing it & including a 7 year warranty and cancelling existing insurance will payback in 5 years.

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