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Is it really worth being a NRLA member


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I have been a member of the (NLA ) NRLA for a while as well as Landlord Law. I find Landlord Law far more informative, has a good range of documents , a Tenancy Agreement  you can tailor for your own needs and all other docs, section 21,s section 13,s.

  With NRLA you are supposed to get a discount when you lodge a deposit with my deposits , its never worked for me yet and recently have been receiving mailshots from them trying to persuade me to go from Residential letting and do holiday lets with Cottages.com , I am one step  ahead of them , we did that 4 years ago and kicked Cottages.com into touch on 31/12/20 and now using Booking.com and a local agent and have bookings pretty right through from Easter to the end of September. 

I decided last night to stop my direct debit with NRLA and stick with Landlord Law

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I've never been a member of the NRLA and I've survived handsomely for over 20 years.

Membership of anything is a personal choice usually made on the basis of what being a member can provide. If you are not getting anything there seems little point in joining.

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