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Kitchen Worktop Damage - Deposit Deductions


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Hi all, 

I am writing on here because I would like to get some advice, if possible. I recently moved out of a property with a live-in landlord, so the agreement between us was a license rather than an AST. After I moved out, the landlord messaged me saying that everythig was fine with the room but because of a stain on the kitchen worktop (8 cm in diameter) he will proceed to replace it and charge me for the full price of it. He said he will have to replace the other laminate worktop in the kitchen too as they are glued together, and they will bear the cost of labour and the second worktop, while I will have to pay for the cost of one (127£) which will then be deducted from my deposit of 500£. 

The stain in question was made back in July and you can find a picture of it attached. I had brought up the issue with their partner when it happened and said that I tried to wipe it away but it wouldn't come off and that I was willing to buy something to cover it if needed. I was told at the time that everything was fine and no further issue was brought up. 

The worktop has been used without a problem ever since, and during our negotiations recently he confirmed that its usability is not affected but they are bothered by it aesthetically and so they want to replace it. What I tried to negotiate is the amount that I am being charged for, as I understand that the lifespan of the worktop, its age and betterment are all things that should be taken into consideration when considering issues like so. I suggested that I might cover 50% or a fraction of the cost of the worktop, and asked for confirmation of when it was bought and such. No evidence was provided of when it was bought, I am receiving no answers in terms of potential age of the item. They did not even provide a quote for the worktop when I first asked if they could provide one so that I could check what they were stating, and they just gave me the name of the store and said I can call them and get them to give me a quote. 

The store said that the manufacturers of laminate worktops usually guarantee 1, 2 and sometimes 5 years. I know this is not an official reference, but I am just trying to get the bigger picture and I would like to hear multiple opinions on it, hopefully from people that have found themselves in similar situations. I am genuinely just trying to understand what is reasonable in this case. Repairing it or covering it do not seem to be options as he refused my suggestion to buy something to cover it since it is so small - he just wants a replacement. The worktops are both 3 metre long. The surface area is roughly 0.6 squared metres, the surface area of the stain is 0.0057 squared metres so we are talking 0.95% of the total area of the worktop. 


Any input on this will be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot in advance!



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