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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there! I need your help please, I am a student and to complete my masters thesis I need to get 100 answers to my survey. This survey is part of my masters in Marketing and Business Development and aims to better understand the perception of landlords, homeowners and property managers on home repair companies and their online presence. Could you please answer it? It should take you less than 5 minutes. Your answers are anonymous and there are no right or wrong answers. Thank you in advance for your time, it means a lot to me! To answer the survey please hit the link: https://f
  2. Hi all, I am writing on here because I would like to get some advice, if possible. I recently moved out of a property with a live-in landlord, so the agreement between us was a license rather than an AST. After I moved out, the landlord messaged me saying that everythig was fine with the room but because of a stain on the kitchen worktop (8 cm in diameter) he will proceed to replace it and charge me for the full price of it. He said he will have to replace the other laminate worktop in the kitchen too as they are glued together, and they will bear the cost of labour and the second workto
  3. Being a landlord i spend a lot of money dealing with damp problems, even more money sending out damp specialist just to tell my tenants its condensation and all they need to do is open the windows !! most of the time the tenant ignores this advice and asks for a second opinion ! feeling distraught i searched the internet for options and found a company called prunique manufacturing a product called wet wall warning. The wet wall warning is designed to identify and alert tenants to the presence of damp. I bought 25 costing me about £50 and fitted them through-out the property proving to my tena
  4. I recently had a phone call from an apartment manager asking if our company can provide tech support services to their residents. I said "of course we can!", But not really knowing exactly what she was wanting or needing. She didn't tell me anything at the time, and just wanted to know if we could, and hung up. It got me thinking..is there a market for that sort of resident amenity? I mean our business is based on providing IT support and tech services to businesses...why couldn't we modify it in a way that we could do the same service for apartment residents? So I am tossing this out to y
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