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EPC Renewal

Carryon Regardless

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I've EPC's coming up for renewal in January, or so I thought.


Reading the .Gov site while my EPC's are expiring I only need a current certificate when I'm marketing for rent.

Terms like present to 'prospective' tenant are used. My understanding from my read up is that existing situations will not require a current EPC until I'm looking for a new tenant.

A penalty of £200 isn't as scary as the usual 10 years hard labour a landlord might expect for being naughty, surprisingly.

I'll get all the flats done but now consider it might as well be when a new tenancy is looking likely.

I'm open to further education in case the wording of the legislation dictates different.

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Correct. You dont need to renew a EPC during a tenancy. However you do need a new one for a new (new tenant) tenancy.

As they last for 10 years we have a policy of renewing  them as soon as they have expired unless instructed not by the landlord.

The reason being 1. it is one less task to do for a new tenancy. 2. The heating/insulation may have been upgraded and now be rated E or above. 3. Having seen many stupid decisions by judges at evictions I would rather have a valid EPC in place if I have to evict. 

Remember unless it can be shown a EPC is given to a tenant at the being/start of a new tenancy no s21 can be used.



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