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Proposed ban of S21


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ARLA CEO David Cox says this will make a difference if we as agents and more importantly, your landlords fill in this survey .. yets it takes 20mins .. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/52JFF5T  ... otherwise dont come crying in the future when its (S21) taken away and you couldnt be bothered to complete a 20min survey and send the same to your landlords

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That took me way longer that 25 mins Grampa.  I have pulled out some text below that is worthy of note.   I will be break clausing it like the rest of us but getting an enforcible break clause to work in the courts is another matter.

'' In the future therefore, all landlords will have to offer a periodic assured tenancy by default, unless the landlord and tenant have agreed a fixed term in writing. This means a tenant may not be evicted unless the landlord can provide grounds under Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 or a break clause has been agreed in the contract between the landlord and the tenant and the appropriate point has been reached.''



Transition period

The Government does not intend for any changes to legislation to be retrospective - landlords will still be able to use a section 21 notice to end an existing assured shorthold tenancy that continues beyond the date when legislation comes into force.

To ensure smooth implementation of the new law, and to enable time for landlords to prepare, we are minded to commence the new law six months after it receives Royal Assent, after which any new tenancy created will not be capable of being ended by a section 21 notice.

Hang on to your tenants!

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I see that survey's main purpose was to offer eductaion on the new regime to be introduced.

Some questions didn't allow for a negative opinion to be demonstrated and then moved to the "this is how it will work" explanation.

It's  coming, it has been decided how it will work. We've just to get used to it.

The comment I attempted to get across, for what it's worth, is that this will increase the cultural divide.

Those applicants that may presently gain from a 'benefit of doubt' will be rejected due to the increased risk / expence this introduces. They then, rather than having been given 'a chance' to improve their lot, will find the lesser attractive locations are what will be available to them.

This further protection of tenants against rogue landlords just pushes us closer to being social landlords. Why would an intelligent landlord want to evict a good tenant and incur the losses that go with that?

Now imagine if McDonnel gets his hands on power.


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