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Notice from tenant


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I have just received one month’s notice from tenants via letting Agency under ‘periodic tenency’ Terms. This is the first time I have let a property

and the tenant’s have been there for 3 years.  Could you please advise what I should be doing in time before they leave (27 Sept).  The Agent is askin whether 

we want to re- let but I feel I would like to change Agents as they didn’t keep to the inspection frequency as laid out in their contract and haven’t been that helpful.

I am also due to go on holiday 2 Sep for one month so will be out of the country.

Would br grateful for any advice. 

Regards Himari


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The short answer is that if you are out of the country for a month you aren't gonna be around to do anything worthwhile and you should probably let your agents deal with it.

When we receive a months notice we do the following:

* Issue a moving out letter that details everything a tenant should do when they vacate.

* Arrange a preliminary viewing and discuss what the tenant needs to do when they vacate.

Then on moving day....

* take meter readings.

* Contact utilities.

* Carry out final inspection for deposit return.

* Get forwarding address.

* Obtain details of energy supplier(s)

* Ensure we get all keys and instruction books returned.

* Refund deposit based on final inspection.

*Ensure they have removed all rubbish, personal be!ongings, locked doors and windows and turned everything off.

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Small point but does their contract allow for the 1 month expiry to expire on the 27th of a month. 

You may find they are liable up to a different date that allows you to inspect and close out the tenancy on your return, only a few days later anyway.

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