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Stamp Duty on Remortgage?

Carryon Regardless

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I'm considering remortgaging one property to fund the purchase of the 1 flat I don't yet own in the infamous block of 6.

Really having overall control will represent increased profits from not losing T's due the the present owners ongoing anti social antics.

I realise there is the increased stamp duty on buyng a BTL, but another LL friend believes there is also stamp duty charged on the remortgage, that property will not be chaging hands.

Is he confused?


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Sorry for delay in replying.......I was in Spain and logging into the website there, I was asked for id/password. As I never take them with me I wasn't able to reply.

I've also been on a SUPER course to learn how to answer questions using as few a words as possible. This will be the first time I'll have used what I've learned on that course.

Answer = Yes.

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I hope you enjoyed Spain,

prior to us lepers being turned away at any new eu border, or asked to pay the massive amount of 7 something or other to enter.


As I wouldn't consider that there is a responsibility for others to resolve any queey raised there is no apology necessary. A thank you is appropriate from me and hopefully is suitably conveyed.

Now back to practicing me Inglish learnin'

The rain in Spain is nowt like the snow up 'ere in Buxton.


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