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Rubbish not collected; rodents; management company doesn't care, ditto Bristol City Council. How can we enforce our rights?


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Hi, forum. URGENT! Maybe, somebody versed in law can help.

Basement lock-up area is designated for leaving rubbish in wheelie-bins provided.They are full and bin bags are left on the floor everywhere, and the number is increasing (about 60 bags on the floor only). This problem was going on for at least a year, and we called and emailed our management company repeatedly as well as at least one more LL(gives empty promises just to get us off the phone). The same with Bristol City Council. They are just blaming one another.

. It's a private block of 10 flats over 3 floors. Rubbish problem is ongoing, and the stench goes up to the top floor. One of our tenants (we rent two flats in the block and all other flats are rented out as well) couldn't sleep because for three nights they were hearing grinding noises and squeaking under the floor boards. UPDATE: our tenants are leaving (v.good T of 7+ years).

Rubbish is collected by Bristol City Council, that contracts it out to private firms. Private firms, apparently, have 45 seconds for every property and what they don't had time to collect, they leave. Hence accumulation of rubbish. We logged a complaint with environmental health yesterday. Running like headless chickens, trying to contact other landlords, twice put letters through the doors describing the problem and with our phone nr - only one person called.

What can be done to enforce our rights for rubbish-free house? Another tenant heard the scratching and squeaking and she is afraid. Again, she gave us his phone nr of her LL but he didn't pick the phone and never replied to a message left. I think he lives abroad. Another landlord thinks that H-s are a still a good management company and doesn't see a problem to replace T if the old one leaves.I guess he's just thick. Please help.



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Right to Manage


Also I would take photos of before and after the waste collectors have been and become such a pain in the arse to the company formally requesting their complaints proceedure, manager contact details and do it all by writing or email.

Do a bit of digging and find emails of directors other departments of the company and cc them all in naming names and any failings of those people you have previously contacted within the company.

Then sit back and watch the fall out




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Ok.....I've had similar experiences. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

* Council rubbish collection......people don't always follow the rules. They put the wrong things in the different coloured sacks/ bins and then the council won't collect..

* Owner occupiers are usually v.good with bagging their rubbish and putting it out for collection. Some tenants are not so good. In my experience it's usually foreigners who struggle with the language of who have never had the rules explained to them (by their landlord). Landlords don't live there so only get interested when they need to find a new tenant and want the place to look tidy.

* Depending on your lease, your management company are not normally responsible for rubbish disposal. It costs money. If the lease doesn't authorise them to spend your service charge monies on rubbish disposal they won't do it.

There is no easy answer.......when you have sorted out the current problem, unless you address the root cause it's likely to happen again

My experience is that resolution usually relies on one person.....In this case you,....... bagging up the rubbish, putting it out on the street on collection day and if not collected contacting your Council to report a missed collection.

If there are rats or a health problem involve EH.

Nobody is going to volunteer to sort out such a large pile of rubbish......I'm afraid it's likely to require your hands on input and effort to get resolved.

Unfortunately it's one of the downsides with blocks of flats.

You could produce some information sheets instructing residents what rubbish goes in which bag and what bin. Post through the doors and pin up in the rubbish store area.

People will always be naturally lazy. This is unlikely to be the only time you will need to be hands on with rubbish.

Good luck

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