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Managing a property from afar


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Hi all

Does anyone manage a property that is not very close to where they live? How do they go about it? I.e. 
do you have a list of tradesmen and if something goes wrong you contact them to go and have a look at the problem?

Also when the tenant leaves, I assume you get a check out clerk to do the inventory and do you arrange further cleaning with a cleaner if required?
Where do you leave all the keys for the new tenants if for example the previous ones have lost some?

Many thanks

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You basically have 3 options

1. Local Lettings Agents will do all that stuff for you.

2. You have friends or business associates near to the property that look after stuff for you.

3. You do it yourself.... ensuring that you don't forget to offset all the travel costs against taxable income.

Make sure you charge the outgoing tenants for the new keys.

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