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Tenant and Illegal Activities

Carryon Regardless

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If we are made aware of illegal activities being carried out from one of our rental properties do we have any responsibility to take any form of action?

This being counterfiet hardware and cloned software, and might be described as being on a small industrial scale.

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Generally speaking I guess it amounts to a number of factors:

1 Is it gossip or fact.

2. How serious is the activity. Some people would consider pot smoking as minor and not worry about it but wouldn't tolerate dealing,

3 How strict is your moral compass

4  Could you be implicated

5 Is the property at risk of being shut down by the police

6 Is there a risk of a HB claw back if the tenant has an extra undeclared income.

7 Are the neighbours effected.

8. What is the right thing to do.



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1. Fact and not overly difficult to prove. If a person is willing enough to raise this with the LL it is reasonable to assume that the authorities would be next.

2. As you rightly point out this is an individuals opinion.

3. Rfer to 4.

4. The LL, not me in this case for a change, wouldn't be complicit. 

5. No

6. Surpringly with my experience of HB I hadn't considered that possibility. However with my understanding unlikely.

7. Only be frequent visitors and possible inconvenience of parking, so not really.

8. Most would consider nothing to that one.

But some years ago local authorities, Manchester for sure, decided it was right to prosecute a LL if a rape had occured on his / her property. I could never understand this being a realistic lawful responsibility, but understand it was aimed to reduce the all night parties being an anti social effect on neighbourhoods. So from this I wonder if 'local authorities / police' might cause further responsibilites on a LL. After all we are responsible for immigrant over stayers and as you say HB abusers in our properties.



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