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Hi all -- i'm new to the forum.

I'm looking for information on rent to buy/own. I'm currently a landlord but was thinking of using RTB on one of my properties as an exit strategy. I'm familiar with the requirements and how to set up/maintain a normal tenancy agreement but know very little about RTB.

Basically i would like to know the process for setting up a RTB and maintaining the agreements etc. Ideally, if one of you could provide a list for the former and latter it'd be great... OR point me in the right direction of course.

Thanks you in advance.


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My understanding is that RTB is a Government initiative run by them for social housing. I'm not aware of it being used in the private rental sector. If you run an online search there is lots of info on this Gov' initiative but nothing about it for the private sector......which rather supports my understanding.I



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Must be a very, very small number of landlords......you might have better luck finding a needle in a haystack.

You could try property118.com it may be is a subject they have covered. If not there is a facility to ask the question.

Good luck.

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