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  1. Thanks... i'll start looking.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yeah you're right... But RTB/RTO can be done privately. For example there are ads on Gumtree. I'm interested in finding someone who is actively doing this in the UK who can provide advice from a landlord point of view.
  3. Hi all -- i'm new to the forum. I'm looking for information on rent to buy/own. I'm currently a landlord but was thinking of using RTB on one of my properties as an exit strategy. I'm familiar with the requirements and how to set up/maintain a normal tenancy agreement but know very little about RTB. Basically i would like to know the process for setting up a RTB and maintaining the agreements etc. Ideally, if one of you could provide a list for the former and latter it'd be great... OR point me in the right direction of course. Thanks you in advance. GTD
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