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£145 fine for illegal eviction. Bargain!


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This landlord only got a £145 fine for carrying out a illegal eviction. 

If you compare what it would cost to evict a tenant in say a £750 pcm property where the rent wasn't been paid and went down the S8 route it would cost:

1500.00 2 months of arrears before you can serve s8

355.00   court fee

121.00 bailiff fee

1875.00 extra arrrears untill bailiff gives possession

£3851.00 total bear minimum cost without delays, appeals, legal/professional fees, a prompt bailiff, void periods, damages etc 


£145 fine sounds like good value for money if you ask me.


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Yes I agree, total bargain. There's no guarantee the next landlord to be fined won't be fined considerably more.

I assume all of the costs e.g. court fees, bailiffs, damage, appeals, legal/prof fees etc if not recovered from tenant, guarantor or insurance......and any court fine......are tax deductable. After all,  its all part of the costs of doing business......so not quite as bad as it sounds.

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I would guess a second offence would be treated a lot harsher.

And yes if you had landlords legal and rent insurance i guess you are covered. One company I know charge £79.95 pa for rent and legal insurance though the tenants do need to go through and pass their referencing procedure which I assume will be charged to the landlord once the tenant fee ban kicks in.. 

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