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Emergency Lighting/Firealarm certicates


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I am a private landlord with one studio flat in Ealing, London.

Ealing have introduced a licensing scheme for landlords in the borough and i am now required to obtain a Selective Licence.

Three of the criteria are:

Gas safety certificate issued by a gas safe approved engineer (annual)
Emergency lighting certificate (if applicable)
Fire alarm test certificate (if applicable)

I have gas certificate, what I am unable to workout is if I need the lighting and fire alarm certificates as these are only if "applicable"?

Last year the building received upgrades to fire safety, this included safety lighting and fire doors in communal hall ways, flats were also required to have fire doors fitted.

I currently have standard fire and carbon monoxide alarms fitted.


Any advice on if i require the certificates would be great as would info on what lighting and alarms i should have fitted if I do need the certificates.



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In your shoes I'd talk to the relevant department of Ealing Council for specific advice on what, if anything, you need to do.

I'm not aware of any legislation requiring private landlords to install emergency lighting. If your property is a leasehold flat that requirement, if it exists, will be the responsibility of the freeholder or their managing agent for the common parts of the building.

Landlords are required to ensure that smoke alarms are working at the start of any new tenancy and to have that documented and signed by their tenant.

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I think you are getting confused with the flat and the communal area. I would guess the info requested is a standard form that goes out to all landlords which may be freehold or leasehold. I would also assume the info required is for the flat only and not the commonways which could have E/L & F/A certs. If your property was a licenced HMO you would likely have E/L & F/A and then it would be applicable.

Just send in the gas cert and if the council want want more info they will let you know. 

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