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The General Election


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So did the earth move for you?  I have read many reports of late that many Landlord's voted Labour because of the Conservatives attack on landlord's. How would they know?

Anyway, perhaps there is some truth in it.


"Landlords have felt disappointed by the Tories for several years now, with the first signs suggesting they're not too upset by Theresa May's losses at the polls. 

However, the Conservative housing minister Gavin Barwell was one of the Tory party's highest profile casualties in this election, losing his seat to Labour. 

This will mean yet ANOTHER housing minister switch - the 15th housing minister in 20 years - and could derail the Conservatives' plan for the housing market, outlined in its housing white paper published earlier this year".  

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Another contributing factor of the labour support could be the below if true, because you cant say scraping university fees didnt work as a bribe to get extra votes and if many were doubled up that's got to have made a huge impact.


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