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Does anyone here 'attempt' to have their properties supplied by one supplier?

There are such a mass of companies and their varying styles of dealing that nowadays when a property returns to my possession I don't try to deal with any of them. I wait till they threaten action before quoting my actual readings and settling their bill. I would prefer to have this situation organised so that an email or phone call can sort change overs with minimal fuss.

We can't physically stop T's choosing another supplier once they're in, I don't remember how long they've to be T's but remember something about them eventually having the freedom to choose anyway.  Suppliers fitting key card meters is also problem I've encountered.

But I'm now considering ways to persuade T's to use a common supplier. 1st it makes sense to research attractive deals, for me no standing charge is a significant bonus. This may result in a higher kwh tariff but could still be represent a saving to low usage T's. In truth most T's will change suppliers because they were told the cost would go down, the fact is the new supplier may drop the monthly charge a little but as T's don't consider the kwh cost  it's only later they realise they've been had, again. 

Any thoughts?


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My thoughts.....

1. I make it clear to all my tenants that they are free to change energy suppliers on the understanding that they tell me who the new supplier is. Not a big problem as there is a number to call if you don't know the supplier.

2. I tell them they are not permitted to have a key meter installed. Never had a problem in 20 years.....tenants have always complied.

3.  When tenants move out I EMAIL all utility and council tax people with details and meter readings. By emailing you usually receive confirmation that they have recieved it.....so there can be no suggestion from them that they were not told. I EMAIL them again when new tenants move in with details and meter readings.

It's really a very simple exercise that doesn't take very long. 

I guess if your tenants change supplier and don't tell you or have key meters fitted without your ok it can cause a problem. If you are prone to longer voids then some energy tariffs are probably not very landlord friendly.

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I expect the difference between Richlist's tenants and that or Cor is vast.

Cor why not try doing Utility Warehouse?  Supposedly it is a cheap deal so having all your lets with them should bring the price down - have marker on the accounts saying that key meters are not to be fitted.  Most suppliers want consent from the Landlords these days to do that.

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