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Washing Machine - clothes ruined


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Our tenant has contacted us to say the washing machine is broken so my husband is on route to look at it - it is old so im happy to replace it if need be.  My question is am i liable for the clothes damaged or trapped inside?  She said the door wont open so my husband is just gona pull it off if need be and then we will replace it but would they be entitled to compensation if we cant get the clothes out?

Thanks for the help


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Absolutely NOT.

You are a landlord not an insurance company. Tenants are responsible for insuring their own belongings.

The only time you 'might' be responsible is where it can be proven that you have been negligent. You provided a washing machine that was functioning ok, now it's not. Washing machines break down..... You have not been negligent because you could not have forseen the failure.

The tenant should be satisfied that you are prepared to replace the w/machine. 

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