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Here is the checklist that I use.......but then I also use a lettings agent who does some of this for me.

Completed RLA tenant documentation checklist.

Tenancy agreement / contract (AST).

Extra contract clauses.

Standing order form.

Deposit protection.

Prescribed information.


Schedule of Condition.

Booklet....How to control condensation.

EPC Certificate.

Government booklet 'How to Rent' - Oct 2015 edition.

Legionella - tenant advice sheet.

List of restrictions for leasehold property.

Help/ information sheet from landlord.

Instruction books (detailed on inventory).

Template for reporting repairs in writing.

Immigration checks.

Rent guarantee insurance and or

Guarantor form.


It's almost to much for a brand new landlord now.

Get help if you need it.



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I would also add:

1. A signed and dated (by both parties) letter/doc to state the smoke alarms and or carbon monoxide alarms have been checked by xxxxx  and are in working order.

2. Also regardless whether the tenants are on HB or not a letter/doc signed by the tenants giving permission for any current or future housing benefit, Local housing allowance or universal credit claim to be discussed FULLY with the landlord or landlords agent of the property.

You would be surprised at how many tenants circumstances change at sometime during a tenancy and they may need to claim HB at some time even if it is for a short time. So when you get the excuse from the tenant that the council have mucked up the claim or some other cock and and ball story you can phone the council and find out for sure. All my tenants sign this this even if they earn 75k pa


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Grampa, Just to clarify, for your item no 1 we use the RLA tenant document checklist completed and signed by landlord and tenant which includes reference to smoke and CO alarms.

When you look at the documentation requirements and the general quality of landlords I'm left with the impression that many, many landlords won't complete a large proportion of that list.

When i meet prospective tenants who complain at having to pay my agent fees, i remind them that using my agents gaurantees that the legal and other admin requirements are completed correctly and something that is not always the case when dealng directly with landlords.

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thanks for your help seems a bit of a nightmare

can anyone elaborate on the following

Where do i get the following from  (can they be downloaded from the internet)                                                                                                                                              Prescribed information document 

Booklet how to control condensation

Government  booklet how to rent (2015 edition)

Help information sheet from the landlord

Also how do i do an immigration check (my tenant has been renting for 15 years now)

Also how do i get permission to rent  (can anyone clarify this)

thanks for any help maybe i will need a agent after all




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The following are not legal requirements but that doesn't make them any less important to the smooth running of a tenancy.

Condensation booklet....Condensation in property can be a big problem especially in flats. Many people have no idea what causes it and how to minimise it. Any booklet with help and advice for your tenant is going to be a bonus. You can search the web and download something suitable.

Help and information sheet.......I just provide a list of do's and dont's and general help full info for my tenants along with info on utilities, what the tenant is responsible for, repairs and maintenance, main restrictions in tenancy agreement/ property deeds/lease, letters and notices received etc


Permission to let is usually only a requirement with leasehold property. You should obtain permission from the freeholder or their agents. Details will be in the lease. Generally for all property letting requires permission from any mortgage provider or insurer.

Most of the other stuff can be downloaded from the web.

Suggest you get yourself a book on the subject or an agent to help you with any stuff you aren't familiar with.

Complicated ain't it !





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