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Chaps and Chapesses,

Who do you consider to be the best recommendation for a service to trace those that have disappeared from sight? Ex T's and now a G'tor.

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Gaining a CCJ 'aint the difficult bit, getting the dosh is. 1st I need to know where they are hiding, oops, living.

I have a CCJ on 1,

another I believe would gain a result when He learns I have found him and will pursue,

yesterday I discovered a T had gone poof! The G'tor sold her house a short while back I discover this morning. So I find the G'tor, as the T won't become visible to a search for a while yet. I make moves on the G'tor and hopefully the T will reappear as if by magic.

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Actually a little more on notices to last known address.

This address is usually, in the case of absconded T's, our property. We would know it isn't actual as they've gone.

For repossession notices it has little advantage. They have gone with debts to us, usually. You serve a notice, wait for expiry, progress to court (add another £280) and gain an order from a Judge.

We have a greater loss by now. We believe we have rightful possession. But if a T later claims you hadn't the right to claim repossession you may be facing a claim anyway. The responsibility of rightful repossession is still ours not the Court as they responded to our request.

I would view that any later T claim for illegal eviction or loss of property would be offset by the debt they have with me. The criminal aspect of illegal eviction is a risk but lack of response by any T would, I expect, cause the authorities to refrain from involvement. The authorities aim to protect from abuse, I try to have evidence of who is the actual abuser.

A T absconds, we serve CC claimant our now mt property. We gain a CCJ, as there is no defence. We need the location of said T to get the dosh. At least here they would have to apply effort to try and overturn the CCJ as they hadn't been aware of the claim.

In truth when I have the new address to progress 'my' CCJ I don't know how to demonstrate to the Bailiff that this is the 'new' and correct address for the 'old' T.


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I don't have a recommendation, I've never used or needed one.

Thinking aloud.......

If I was needing one I'd first approach my lettings agent. If they couldn't recommend one then my solicitor on the basis that they will have used one more frequently than most other people. 

Failing that an internet search throws up a few. Payment only by results will obviously provide the necessary incentive for them to deliver the goods.

Good luck.

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I used this firm for a couple of traces. I kept the order to minimum cost (£42 incl VAT). They responded within a few days, no where near the 20 days stated on their site.

I paid for one trace  so as to check out success prior to parting with more dosh. A little git that had really worked it on me leaving with no notice and leaving the flat in need of great effort just to empty and clean. Then redecoration as may be expected.

I knocked at the address provided by 'trace a debt', spot on he answered. Oh the feeling of joy as I voiced my opinions of him and informed him of his problems ahead. You know he swore at me and shut the door in my face, uncalled for I say. "Don't call me a little sh*t" was his abusive retort.

So I've now paid for the 2nd report. This chap just lost a grip of life, here I have some sympathy as he wasn't out to stuff me. I'll let 'trace a debt' have a go at recovery, with them taking 25% of any proceeds.

I've put a trace on a g'tor who has moved house. Right Move show her property as having been sold after her becoming g'tor. The T has gone poof but still responds to texts pretending to be trying to sort finances to pay. So the rent rolls on until notice is served and expired. I hope that a statement and letter to g'tor will get a favourable response on that one.

Truth is I've been busy preparing another flat for a sign up yesterday so had no need of moving on this flat anyway. But it is clean and in a good state, and I've a T that wants it as soon as.


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