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Tony Blair, Landlord.

Harry Fisher

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Good luck to him. I bet the family are good landlords and a tenant could do a lot worse. If it's not him buying them it would be someone else.

I thought it was the Tory party that had already decided that they were going to squeeze the private rented sector until the pips squeaked.

The Labour party are just a very confused bunch of idealists who all have different views of what they want. Many don't support their leader and dispair  at the direction it is going in.

Don't assume Tony Blair is left wing (any more) or that he supports current Labour policies or that he agrees with anything Jeremy Corbyn says.

Just cos someone has been a prime minister doesn't mean they can't go do their own thing when they move on.

I'd much prefer to have Tony Blair & family in my landlord club than some of the other jokers who haven't got a clue about how to do a decent job.


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