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Oven broke. Who is paying - T or L? I just


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we just received a message from our tenants, who describe how the oven got damaged and supplied the picture (I'll try to attach it). We are now arguing with my hubby about whose fault is this and who is responsible for repairs - T or L. Also, is it possible to repair ( replace the door? and who does it?) or the whole cooker needs to be replaced? Thanks for your advice.

Here is the message from the tenant.

  • Hello, LANDLORD's NAME. I got bad news. Anna wanted to use the cooker and then the screw from the handle fell down on the bottom, blocked the opening, she tried to get that screw out but she pulled the opening too hard and the glass just snapped all over the floor. Luckily Anna is not hurt in any way, but the cooker looks like this (SEE PIC BELOW, BASICALLY, GLASS DOOR IS BROKEN).


    Now I'm not home to take a look at it, but I don't think we can do anything with it, as I don't think that they fit glass
    And I don't think it is safe to use it now.
    We will be home all the time until we leave for our holidays Sunday, so please come to us, whenever you can to take a look at the cooker and find a way to resolve this problem
    Sorry for trouble.

oven door.jpg

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Technically tenants are responsible for tightening loose screws. So if a loose screw from the handle fell off and lead to the tenant breaking the glass, I'd say it looks like the tenants fault.

If the oven is a quality brand then replacement glass may be available. Alternatively a cheap built in single oven (the photo looks like a built in oven) can be sourced for under £200 from Howdens or similar.

The other factors to consider are....

* How old is the damaged oven. Is it worth repairing or replacing ?

* If they aren't using the oven regularly a cheap one will probably suffice.

* Are the tenants good and do you want to keep them? Have you considered going half each or making a contribution towards repairs.

* You wouldn't be entitled to the tenants paying for a replacement cooker....they would only be responsible for paying for the value of the broken oven.....which probably isn't very much.

* Any contribution/payment by you is tax deductible. If you buy a replacement oven it can be offset against tax because built in ovens are considered part of the the building.


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52 minutes ago, Mortitia said:

Using the oven as a cupboard - what is going on there!  Fire hazard at least!

Sound advice from Richlist, but have to ditto Mortitia's comment about fire hazard. All it needs is someone to forget/not know, turn the oven on, then fire. Yikes. 

I'd be telling them/agents that they cannot do this. 

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