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Racist & Bigoted neighbour


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I have a landlord who has instructed us not to rent his property to gay or non-white tenants not because he has a problem with it but the neighbour is a very bigoted and slightly aggressive and will make life difficult for any tenant of those persuasions.

He wont do anything illegal (maybe bordering) but it is not likely to be a pleasant experience for them if they move in. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I never have a problem finding a legitimate reason for rejecting any applicant and don't understand anyone who has difficulties.

It's perfectly reasonable to reject an applicant for....

* Being to young.

* Having to long a lead time for moving in.

* Because they want a longer term let and you want to sell in a years time.

* Not all tenants working full time or one or more in receipt of housing benefit.

* Insufficient ability to speak English. 

* etc

Finding a reason to reject an applicant for reasons other than colour or sexual persuasion is virtually guaranteed as no applicant is perfect.


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Some year ago we rented a house to a gay couple.

They were both very nice.

Unfortunately the neighbour at the time took a dislike to the way in which they lived.

He told them that he would make life difficult for them and they would leave.

They tried hard to get along with the guy.

But in the end he made life that difficult for them that they had to move.

How sad.

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There are gays and gays.  I have 2 coming to my Airbnb this weekend and they seem fine professional types who are taking pics for a next year calendar of local seascapes.  It's the over the top rampant types that cause trouble I find - Bournemouth is a big gay town and you see it all the time - the minority spoil it for the majority.

If a landlord stipulated 'no gays, no foreigners or blicks'  Grampa I would do my best to accommodate his/her wishes along the line Richlist states.  I'm right off Poles at present but there must be some nice ones out there - I just seem to come across the arrogant ones in business who need taking down a peg or two.

Freedom to choose tenants - thank goodness we have not been robbed of that yet.





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Thanks for the replies. It looks like we have found a working single mum to take the property now anyway. I just hope she doesn't start batting for the other team and move want to move a partner in who has just moved here from Somalia.:D

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