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UPAD. Dont even know the basics in letting law


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I get the UPAD (On-line letting agency) http://www.upad.co.uk/ newsletter to see if I can pick up the odd tip I didn't know about which hasn't happened yet.

So I going through my emails today I saw a I had received the latest newsletter "Your rent arrears questions answered" The UPAD Blog posted by James Davis who I believe is the CEO of UPAD

He is stating that you can use an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for a company let, see below

Q: Any problems if a property is let to a company?

A: No, as long as it's on an AST agreement, the law and the process would be the same.

This is a basic letting law question and most of us know incorrect,

Now James Davis may or may not have written the info but the worrying thing is they don't check what is going out on their website and newsletters and could cause a landlord a world of problems as s21 & s8 don't apply and the process to give notice is completely different.

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I sussed out years ago that UPAD just employs out of work undergraduates with no common sense or legal training in letting whatsoever.

I used them to tenant find in London and that was a total waste of time. They took no notice of my instructions. Incompetent.

Don't use them for management unless you want a load of hard work!

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I hope you have put them right then Grampa about their inaccuracies.

Sent them a sarkey email which they haven't bothered to reply to and the blog hasn't been changed either so it implies how inefficient and incompetent they are if they cant defend or correct their errors (if any)

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