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How quick I can get my tenant out?


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I let room to individual in HMO. No contract is provided and all the people who are living in the property are moving in on fixable verbal agreement. Initially for one or two months and if they are happy and I am happy then they can stay as long as they wish. If neither of us is happy then one week notice is what we agreed. Some occupants have been living there for a long tome some people move in and out within a short period. This has been happening for few years without a problem. Only professionals are allowed (no student or DSS) due to the insurance requirements and to comply with the wish of other occupants. A new occupant moved in today and he is supposed to provide all the paper work to show that he is working. When I initially asked him two weeks ago he said he will provide the document, then he claimed that all packed up and will dig them out as soon as he move in. he is well spoken and very persuasive and polite. Acting in a good faith I let him in on face value. He approached today for a tenancy contract. I reminded him of our conversation that living in the house is faxable no contract is provided. At this point I felt something is not right going on and asked him again for prove or earing. He admitted that he is on benefit.

My question is how quickly I can get him out of my house. His grandfather paid the rent on 16 of June he only moved in today.

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He is asking for a tenancy contract to obtain rent payment from the DSS. Without this contract they won't pay him.

Don't give him one.

Escort him to the door and give him his money back if you don't want him as a tenant and he lied to you as well don't forget.

Next time you really do need to tighten up your procedures for allowing tenant's into your property. Learn from what has happened here.

Also are you registered as an HMO?.

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This doesn't sound so simple to me Mel.

A few questions arise,

Where are you ?

Is a deposit taken ?

Do T's have their own lockable space ?

Are services provided, meals, cleaning for example ?

Assuming England or Wales as rent has been taken and the T is now in situ I see that the T is such on an AST.

The 'flexible' arrangements are nice and convenient but are only legal in hotel or lodger type situations. Of course surrender by the T and acceptance of such is fine, until a T claims illegal eviction.

More information needed to clarify the set up s it doesn't sound like the op is very aware.

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