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Multiple tenants - one leaving.


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I've three tenants in a two bed apartment: A, B & C. A & B are partners and C is leaving in June. A & B phoned me today to say they want to stay and have a friend, D, who would like to replace C.

They're ex-uni, young folk, keep the place in good order and never miss a payment and I'd like for them to stay.

All three names are on the agreement and the twelve month term is up in exactly a month.

What should I do please regarding paperwork in order to keep the I's and T's crossed? I thought that if D just paid C one third of the deposit money then there's no need for anything else to be done but you know what a mess can arise if things are not done properly......

I'm not bothered about another rental term as we can just keep it on a monthly basis for rent/notice.

Kind Regards Julian

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# If it's 1 tenancy agreement and 1 tenant leaves it ends the tenancy agreement for all 3. Then......

# Inventory needs to be assessed.

# Protected deposit needs to be determined/ refunded.

# A new tenancy agreement with the 2 old & 1 new tenant needs to be created.

# New deposit, New deposit protection, New inventory.

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Just to add that 1 tenancy agreement makes them all jointly and severally liable for rent, council tax and bills.

Make sure you give the new names to the council and the utilities to save any later argument.

Also could be worth referencing the newbies to make sure they don't have CCJ's etc. - also ask to see ID

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