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CO Alarms To Be Compulsary in 2015


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This weeks news story is that it will be mandatory for landlords to install working Carbon Monoxide detectors in any high risk rooms in their properties.
The government expects this to save up to 26 lives and 670 injuries per year and is part of wider government actions being taken to ensure there are sufficient measures in place to protect public safety.
Gas engineers should make their customers aware of the coming law and recommend CO detectors if the customer needs advice on what to have installed and where to install it.
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Remember that it is not just gas boilers that produce Carbon Monoxide. Solid Fuel and oil can do so too. Alarms are a good thing.

Yes I hadn't forgotten .....but gas, solid fuel or oil are rarely power sources in flats are they.

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There could be a whole load of things that will be coming along in the next few years. Many of the proposed changes are good because they improve safety and I fully support that, even if it's going to cost me money.

I suspect there will be :

* compulsory electrical testing, not just for HMOs.

* minimum insulation requirements/ minimum epc rating.

* controls on agents fees for tenants.

* longer term tenancies....as in Europe (3 years).

* expansion of landlord registration schemes.

* controls & restrictions on freeholder charges.


Renting & letting has never been perfect. It's evolved over time and it's better for everyone now than it was in the past.

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