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Universal Credit

Carryon Regardless

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Not of interest to all here I know but,

I see HB is / will be encompassed by Universal Credit. From this it follows that we may be affected??

It seems I, along with the majority of claimants, are broadly unaware of this new system. Of 5 million expected to use this only 55, 000 have so far.

I am wondering if this will result in a 1 periodic overall payment to the claimant.

Can HB be a separate payment to LL's, as is possible now?

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There was an interview with a claiment yesterday and he openly stated that now he receives all of his money in one go if he does get short of money to pay for essentials like gas and electric then he may fall behind with rental payments.

I cannot see any progress for landlord's with this kind of set-up and I think it will drive more and more landlord's into not accepting DSS/DWP benefit tenant's in the future. I get the impression that this coalition government couldn't reallly give a toss.

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