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Deposit Deductions


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Can I ask whether other landlords make deductions from their tenants deposits for the following ???....

Replacement of:

* Cooker hood charcoal filters.

* Vacuum cleaner bags.

* Vacuum cleaner filter pads (if machine has suffered split bag.)

* Batteries for smoke alarms, door bells, clocks etc.

* Light bulbs.

Charges for:

* Window cleaning.

* Descaling shower heads.

* Cleaning of draw curtains.

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None out of your first list, smoke alarm batteries we would replace with a new tenant anyway, cooker hood filters don't cost enough to justify the hassle, ditto for light bulbs. We don't provide any vacuum cleaners, or clocks.

General cleaning we would make a deduction for if left in a bad state. Curtain cleaning could be significant, but the others again not really worth the aggravation specifically.


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No........Nothing on your list I charge for RL

Oven cleaning is my thing. Leave a dirty oven and there is trouble ahead! :D

I would charge tenant or invite them back if the place was really dirty and quite rightly so but to go back to your list most of those items are consumables which I am happy to replace on any tenant changeover. I do not provide a Hoover anyway.

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