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Fake email from HMRC

Carryon Regardless

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A heads up.

It's that time of year when many are doing tax returns.

I've just received an email from "no-replay@csis.dik"

"Please be advised that one or more Tax Notices (P6, P6B) have been


For the latest information on your Tax Notices (P6, P6B) please open
attached report.

Please do not reply to this e-mail."

It seemed relevant to what I've been up to over this month so tried to open it, it won't but does seem to initiate an action??

Be on the look out lads and lasses and don't be as gullible as I.

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There is an official looking HMRC letter actually being posted to addresses as well. The dead give away is the mobile telephone number printed at the top of the letter. HMRC obviously would never have you reply to a mobile number.

Stand by for tales of woe from people with drained bank accounts.

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