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The Importance of Letting Your Gas Inspector Into The Property.


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It is a problem as my Son will tell you trying to get into properties to carrry out boiler servicing, repairs and the vital landlord's gas certificate.

It has got so bad that he now charges landlords £20 for tenants who refuse entry or are not there to receive him. This is done on the basis that the tenant would have had a letter from the LA and a phone call 48hrs. in advance of the visit for work to be carried out.

The last landlord successfully had a refund out of the tenant's deposit for 3 missed calls.

Recently there was evidence of gas meter by-pass by a tenant and last year the discovery of a cannabis farm.

Anyway any tenant's reading this who think they can refuse entry please read below this article.

At last a judge with balls to support a Landlord.


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Nice to see a court acting even if the fine is minimal. If it were a private LL I don't see that the £280 would cover his inconvenience, and these are court fees anyway.

What pees me off about the councils is that 'they' don't have the balls to evict such T's. Continually council T's will abuse their environment and councils do little.

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So does my Son's Wife make a phone call because any non admission to a property is not only loss of income it throws out the work that has been booked in for the day / week.

Some tenant's are completely oblivious to the problems they cause by being selfish and non co-operative.

Yes, why don't the Council just evict them for non co-operation on essential maintenance?

No doubt they will be appearing on the telly soon in "Can't pay.. Won't pay".

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